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Legal Aid Clinic

A full- fledged Legal Aid Clinic functions at the Bharata Mata School of Legal Studies under the guidance of a Faculty Member. To quote an instance, Bharata Mata School of Legal Studies organised a Legal Awareness Programme at Kumaranalloor Grama Panchayat Community Hall in association with the Kudumbasree of the locality on the subject, ‘Scientific waste management: Problems & Solutions’ on 12-08-2014.

Court Visits

Students are encouraged to visit trial courts and high courts and understand the real mode of court practices in addition to the moot courts and mock trials conducted by the law school. Thus BSOLS is in effect a unique institution to have understood the needs of the students’ community and organize the outreach programmes accordingly.

Legis Festis

To improve the organisation skills of the students, Bharata Mata School of Legal Studies organises a Law Fest titled ‘Bharata Mata Legis Festis’ every year. Almost 100 students representing the various universities and law colleges participate. To date, the law fest mainly of three events i.e, Legal Quiz, Legal Debate and Judgment Analysis. Attractive cash prizes and trophies are given to the winners of each event every year.

Mock Crime Scene Investigation

As part of the Forensic Science Course, we at BSOLS, organise a mock crime scene management and investigation. Students themselves recreate a crime situation and demonstrate how the investigation take place from the reporting of the first information to the police station, arrival of the investigating officers in the crime scene and collection of evidence including trace evidences. In addition to all these, packing, labelling and forwarding of the evidence which are collected from the crime scene including blood stain, hair samples etc. are also done.

BSOLS Law Journal

Bharata Mata School of Legal Studies is currently working on its upcoming flagship law journal which portrays a wide range of academic write ups in the form of Articles and case comments. The Journal will maintain all the international standards in terms of quality of the articles, publication and circulation.

Moot Courts

The School organises an internal moot court competition every semester to train the students and to equip them with the court craft and litigation skills. The students of this school are always in the forefront to participate in various events such as National Moot Court Competitions, Workshops, Seminars etc. organised by various law schools.

Mandatory Internships

As per the Rules of Legal Education laid down by the Bar Council, each five year student has to undergo an internship for not less than twenty weeks to carry out legal studies under non –Governmental Organizations, trial advocates, appellate advocates, judiciary, legal, regulatory authorities, legislatures and parliament, other legal functionaries, market institutions, law firms, companies, local Self Government and in other legal institutions where such training can be imparted to students . At BSOLS, we have a panel of senior lawyers and institutions which includes Courts, KELSA, NGO’s etc. where the students are sent for practical training for a period not less than 2 weeks after every semester. At the end of their internship programme, students submit their Practical Training Record Book with the certificate issued from the respective institution.

Paper presentations and workshops

BSOLS always believe in improving the reasoning, language and analytical skills of students in addition to developing their academic interest. We always strive forward to provide adequate training to students for equipping them to participate in paper presentations, seminars and workshops in addition to moot courts.

Extra-Curricular Activities

The School observes World Environment day every year on June 5th by planting tree saplings in the campus. The first time, a one day seminar was organised in the campus to create awareness about the factors which leads to the environmental degradation, including pollution as well as the suggestions to improve the quality of environment. The students were made aware about the need for the protection and conservation of the environment for the generations to come.

The students of BSOLS actively participated in Mahatma Gandhi University Youth Festival, 2014 and won prizes for various events thereby proving their excellence in extra- curricular activities too. The students council of BSOLS also organises Arts day, Christmas Celebration and Onam Celebration which gives a platform to display the organising abilities and the talents of the students of this School.